Harley Davidson Autoshow

For the Harley Davidson Autoshow, I was tasked with creating a display toolkit to showcase hero product lines and secondary lines. We needed to create a uniquely Harley Davidson look and feel that showcased the products and encouraged guests to spend time and explore the 200sqm space with allowances for maximum stand visibility within the limitations of the area. Careful attention was directed at creating a cost effective design solution.

Porsche Macan Launch >

Car launches, we’ve all been to them, theyre often standard affairs. The Macan launch was the culmination of our goal of creating a truly immersive story, and a client willing to do something completely different and completely refreshing. A great movie stays with you long after the credits roll, so what if we placed the guests inside a live action movie? Ultimately we created an altogether different beast that stands as a testament to when collaboration is insync. Welcome to the All New Macan – Choose Thrilling, its not “Choose Boring” is it?

Taycan National Launch >

As part of the 2020s Taycan product marketing rollout we were comissioned to create a City to City event series culminating in thrilling finale, ultimately as all things tend to end up, our groundbreaking Taycan Soul City, became a brand experience toolkit. Check out the pre Covid designs ! My role was creating the creative concept, and including art and creative direction of the original pitch proposals and design direction of the physical spaces, including the plants. Pitched, won, next.

Porsche Taycan Show LiveCast >

For the launch of Taycan in China, our team was tasked with pivoting from a traditional car launch event to a live broadcasted show beamed out to millions of people all around China and the world. We developed an entertaining and eye-ball capturing program for viewers to get the people excited for their first taste of the all new all electric Porsche Taycan. A multi format show, part talk-show, game-show, product demo. The key for agencies and clients post-covid is to be agile and embrace industry changes, both in brand marketing and how consumers engage with these brands.

Harley Davidson Signal Project >

How do you reposition the Harley Davidson brand in China to appeal to a younger target market? You take the core brand tenets and develop a philosophy and a language that speaks to them. Enter the The Signal Project, an all year creative strategy that creates a satellite series of events and pop-ups, that combines the energy of youth culture with underground music and artistic inspiration, edgy, vibrant, and imossible cool.

Byton Brand Launch >

For Future Mobility’s Byton global brand launch I worked closely with Byton Global team to create a sophisticated environment for the guests and media from all around the world, at the iconic Shanghai Bund location. I worked on the creative pitch and execution of the final design translating the brand strategy into a memorable guest journey experience for the history books.