Asics Move lab >

Asics Movement Hub is created specially for fitness explorers everywhere, for people eager to try and be inspired by new and interesting forms of moving and fitness. Our fitness explorers are excited by all kinds of movement, from dance, yoga, running, cross-fit, and parkour, so we have brought and merged these together to create exciting hybrid activities with trainers, to be experienced exclusively only at the Asics Movement Lab.

Club Med Festival Brand >

Epic snowcapped mountains, 5 star resorts, and a thrilling line-up of the worlds best music, djs, and entertainers. This is the Club Med Yabuli Snow festival. Leveraging trending popular music festivals such as Yeti Out, as inspiration. I was commissioned by Club Med to create a brand identity for this new festival and develop a concept and proposal. The brand identity itself was designed around the iconic peaks of Yabuli Ski Resort, and needed to be instantly able communicate the concept of a fun, vibrant, mountain festival orientated around music and winter snow culture.

Harley Davidson Autoshow

For the Harley Davidson Autoshow, I was tasked with creating a display toolkit to showcase hero product lines and secondary lines. We needed to create a uniquely Harley Davidson look and feel that showcased the products and encouraged guests to spend time and explore the 200sqm space with allowances for maximum stand visibility within the limitations of the area. Careful attention was directed at creating a cost effective design solution.

Weber Retail Pop-up >

For Webers outdoor retail pop-up, the intent was to creative an attractive functional space, that allowed for maximum consumer product interaction, and ease of flow for walking through. Additionally the idea was to communicate the lifestyle and atmosphere of barbeque culture to Chinese consumers, by showing them an inspirational lifestyle. As part of the pop-up, the event was programmed as a festival of BBQ, with entertainment and interesting partners, such as JING A brewery, gourmet food and beverages, to add the the atmosphere and create fun family event.

Porsche Macan Launch >

Car launches, we’ve all been to them, theyre often standard affairs. The Macan launch was the culmination of our goal of creating a truly immersive story, and a client willing to do something completely different and completely refreshing. A great movie stays with you long after the credits roll, so what if we placed the guests inside a live action movie? Ultimately we created an altogether different beast that stands as a testament to when collaboration is insync. Welcome to the All New Macan – Choose Thrilling, its not “Choose Boring” is it?

Lego Imagination Lab >

I developed creative and strategy to position Lego as a learning and educational tool and not just a toy, brand videos and a reimagined experience for their flagship POS experience further developed this into tangible, fun and memorable experiences that focussed on engaging the imaginations of parents and children alike.

Byton Brand Launch >

For Future Mobility’s Byton global brand launch I worked closely with Byton Global team to create a sophisticated environment for the guests and media from all around the world, at the iconic Shanghai Bund location. I worked on the creative pitch and execution of the final design translating the brand strategy into a memorable guest journey experience for the history books.

Adidas Ultraboost Lab >

For the official China launch of Adidas Boost, I led the creative team to produce the first Adidas Innovation Lab in China. Essentially store-in-store the lab would be a long term initiative to put Adidas front and foremost in consumers minds as an innovative brand. The SIS was so successful that retail sales of the Boost shoes increased by 28% compared to previous sales. The lab itself was carefully programmed to drive sales and customer buy in through carefully developed path to purchase stategies encouraging engagement.

Airbnb Festival of Hosting >

For Airbnb’s first festival of hosting in China, we pitched and won the chance to create a truly unique experience for the hosts and global guests. From creative concept to interactive engagements we needed to make guests feel invaluable and cared for as part of the Airbnb family, every touchpoint needed to create tangible long lasting brand equity, and to welcome our hosts home. I was responsible for creative concept, creative direction, art direction from pitch to project execution, the whole shebam. For more details contact me directly.