Divine Brewing Co.

Divine Brewing is a New Zealand boutique brewer using amazing ingredients to truly create next level, inspirational beers for connoisseurs. Looking to create memorable and eye-catching graphics to compliment their brand and identity, I developed an intial series of packaging graphics, that aimed to be instantly identifiable and iconic amongst same sector markets. Tapping into Divine Brewings occult influenced flavour palettes.

Gram – Performance Wear

Reimagining technical merino performance wear for outdoor exploration. Modern, functional clothing systems for poets of the wilderness. I was tasked to propose the look-book concept for a new apparel brand connecting the dots between functional and sustainable merino outdoor wear and post-modern aesthetics.

Tilt Gaming

Tilt Gaming is a new publishing platform for independent games from around the world. I created the corporate identity including brand book and guidelines as a founding member.

Club Med Festival Brand >

Epic snowcapped mountains, 5 star resorts, and a thrilling line-up of the worlds best music, djs, and entertainers. This is the Club Med Yabuli Snow festival. Leveraging trending popular music festivals such as Yeti Out, as inspiration. I was commissioned by Club Med to create a brand identity for this new festival and develop a concept and proposal. The brand identity itself was designed around the iconic peaks of Yabuli Ski Resort, and needed to be instantly able communicate the concept of a fun, vibrant, mountain festival orientated around music and winter snow culture.

Peet’s Street 1966 Pop-up >

The year is 2019, coffee abounds in Shanghai, Peets is a hip californian brand with heritage that predates and inspired the brand Starbucks. Our task, how do we increase brand equity amongst Shanghai consumers, how do we educate and convert coffee fans into Peets followers? Our challenge is that Peets isn’t well known, brand awareness is about 10% of what it could be. So to solve this problem of brand awareness we decided to reach back to the founding of Peets in 1966 and recreate the very street where it was founded, including the rich culture of the late sixties. … Continue ReadingPeet’s Street 1966 Pop-up >

Taycan National Launch >

As part of the 2020s Taycan product marketing rollout we were comissioned to create a City to City event series culminating in thrilling finale, ultimately as all things tend to end up, our groundbreaking Taycan Soul City, became a brand experience toolkit. Check out the pre Covid designs ! My role was creating the creative concept, and including art and creative direction of the original pitch proposals and design direction of the physical spaces, including the plants. Pitched, won, next.

Porsche Taycan Show LiveCast >

For the launch of Taycan in China, our team was tasked with pivoting from a traditional car launch event to a live broadcasted show beamed out to millions of people all around China and the world. We developed an entertaining and eye-ball capturing program for viewers to get the people excited for their first taste of the all new all electric Porsche Taycan. A multi format show, part talk-show, game-show, product demo. The key for agencies and clients post-covid is to be agile and embrace industry changes, both in brand marketing and how consumers engage with these brands.

Adidas Ultraboost Lab >

For the official China launch of Adidas Boost, I led the creative team to produce the first Adidas Innovation Lab in China. Essentially store-in-store the lab would be a long term initiative to put Adidas front and foremost in consumers minds as an innovative brand. The SIS was so successful that retail sales of the Boost shoes increased by 28% compared to previous sales. The lab itself was carefully programmed to drive sales and customer buy in through carefully developed path to purchase stategies encouraging engagement.

Airbnb Festival of Hosting >

For Airbnb’s first festival of hosting in China, we pitched and won the chance to create a truly unique experience for the hosts and global guests. From creative concept to interactive engagements we needed to make guests feel invaluable and cared for as part of the Airbnb family, every touchpoint needed to create tangible long lasting brand equity, and to welcome our hosts home. I was responsible for creative concept, creative direction, art direction from pitch to project execution, the whole shebam. For more details contact me directly.