Club Med Festival Brand >

Epic snowcapped mountains, 5 star resorts, and a thrilling line-up of the worlds best music, djs, and entertainers. This is the Club Med Yabuli Snow festival. Leveraging trending popular music festivals such as Yeti Out, as inspiration. I was commissioned by Club Med to create a brand identity for this new festival and develop a concept and proposal. The brand identity itself was designed around the iconic peaks of Yabuli Ski Resort, and needed to be instantly able communicate the concept of a fun, vibrant, mountain festival orientated around music and winter snow culture.

Lego Imagination Lab >

I developed creative and strategy to position Lego as a learning and educational tool and not just a toy, brand videos and a reimagined experience for their flagship POS experience further developed this into tangible, fun and memorable experiences that focussed on engaging the imaginations of parents and children alike.

Harley Davidson Signal Project >

How do you reposition the Harley Davidson brand in China to appeal to a younger target market? You take the core brand tenets and develop a philosophy and a language that speaks to them. Enter the The Signal Project, an all year creative strategy that creates a satellite series of events and pop-ups, that combines the energy of youth culture with underground music and artistic inspiration, edgy, vibrant, and imossible cool.

Adidas Ultraboost Lab >

For the official China launch of Adidas Boost, I led the creative team to produce the first Adidas Innovation Lab in China. Essentially store-in-store the lab would be a long term initiative to put Adidas front and foremost in consumers minds as an innovative brand. The SIS was so successful that retail sales of the Boost shoes increased by 28% compared to previous sales. The lab itself was carefully programmed to drive sales and customer buy in through carefully developed path to purchase stategies encouraging engagement.